What is the value of log Subscript 5 Baseline 125? 3 5 15 25

Accepted Solution

The value of [tex]\log_5125[/tex]  can be calculated using the logarithm rule. The value of [tex]\log_5125[/tex] is 3.Given:The given expression is,[tex]\log_5125[/tex]What is a logarithm?The logarithm is the inverse function of exponentiation. In logarithm base must be raised to yield a given number for an exponent.Calculate the value of given logarithm.[tex]\log_5125=\log_5(5)^3\\ \log_5125=3\log_55[/tex]From logarithm rule [tex]\log m^n=n \log m[/tex][tex]\log_5125=3\times 1\\ \log_5125=3[/tex] Thus, the value of [tex]\log_5125[/tex] is [tex]3[/tex]Learn more about the logarithm rule here: