PLS HELP I NEED HELP LIKE RIGHT NOW (25 pts)What are the x and y-intercepts of the line described by the equation?3xβˆ’9y=10.8Enter your answers just as a number , in decimal form, in the boxes. Do not enter either intercept as a coordinate point. No parenthesis.x-intercept = y-intercept =

Accepted Solution

Answer:x-intercept = 3.6y-intercept = - 1.2Step-by-step explanation:x-intercept is the x-cutting point (the point where the line (when graphed) cuts the x axis)y-intercept is the y-cutting point (the point where the line cuts the y axis)At x axis, y = 0, so to find x-intercept, we put y = 0 and solve for x. Also,At y axis, x = 0, so to find y-intercept, we put x = 0 and solve for y.First, x-intercept:Putting y = 0[tex]3x-9y=10.8\\3x-9(0)=10.8\\3x-0=10.8\\3x=10.8\\x=\frac{10.8}{3}\\x=3.6[/tex]Second, y-intercept:Putting x = 0[tex]3x-9y=10.8\\3(0)-9y=10.8\\0-9y=10.8\\-9y=10.8\\y=\frac{10.8}{-9}\\y=-1.2[/tex]